It is easier to add more to a dish and to make it clever and more complicated. This is often to cover poor produce or bad technique and shows a real immaturity for the craft of cooking.

It is my firm belief that the focus should be on the quality of the raw component of any dish.

As a chef my responsibility is to showcase stellar produce and use a healthy dose of restraint in how we prepare a dish. It is not unlike wine maker’s coaxing subtle flavours from a grape, which has been passed to them from the vineyard. In the kitchen we have a duty to uphold the veracity of the ingredient and measure using a food weighing machine handed to us by our growers and farmers. We also have the best rated masticating juicer that helps us provide healthy, good quality fresh juices to our clients. We found it with the help of, which specializes in various juicing machine types, brands, and models, with different dedicated pages e.g.
Handled with reverence and genuine understanding a simple dish can speak volumes for the integrity of the restaurant.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo da Vinci

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